Biofach \\'22\\' - Summer edition

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Biofach '22' summer edition

Biofach in the summer, it was something different. Under the umbrella of Nenco Food Group, we once again showed many beautiful products and met new customers. We would like to see everyone again in February for the winter edition. 

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Dafco expands brand portfolio.
Dafco has launched a number of new brands. In addition to the existing Peak's Free From and Peak's Orga-nice brands, a third Peak's brand has been added. Peak's So Pure is the vegan product line based on organic ingredients. Innovative products with a high protein content to replace animal protein. In addition, 2 other brands have been launched, Trouw and Palm Brand. Trouw is the brand for food service with various legumes, grains, flours, etc. Palm Brand offers a range of herbs, spices and nuts.


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