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    DAFCO has the ability to mix both powdery and granular products for its customers.

    Some examples of this approach are: mixing various ingredients into e.g. a baking mix according to the customer's (secret) recipe, or mixing flakes and dried fruit into a muesli or some other breakfast product.

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    Line packaging

    DAFCO boasts dedicated packaging lines for packing less fine products (think of rice snacks, cookies, seeds, pulses, breakfast cereals). One of the tools used for packaging is a multi-head weighing device.

    In addition, we have lines for filling and dosing powdery substances such as flour and baking mixes. Thus, we can pack such products for our customers in gluten-free consumer packaging.

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    Manual packaging

    At DAFCO we have special locations within the production area where we manually pack and / or repack difficult products for our customers. Consider, for example, the packaging of fragile products, or the repacking and labeling of buckets with chia seeds from trays of 6 pieces.

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    Foodservice packaging

    DAFCO also packs products in bulk packaging, in bags of 4 to 25 kg. Perfect for foodservice or food industry.

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    As per customer order, DAFCO also buys ready-made products from other companies, which we then re-pack for delivery under a private label. Some examples: delicious lasagne sheets from Italy or crunchy breakfast cereals.